StaClean™ CDG-102 has been developed to offer an effective water-based degreaser that can successfully clean hydrocarbon residuals off any type of surface as well as the petroleum-based alternatives. StaClean™ CDG-102 is designed to ensure the safety and handling for the operators using it while protecting the environment that we live in.

StaClean CDG-102 is a water based, alkaline product that is formulated with a naturally-sourced, biodegradable surfactant package, and a specialty chelation chemical that is also naturally sourced and biodegradable to help remove dirt and grime effectively, while not being a petroleum-based product. StaClean™ CDG-102 gains an advantage over petroleum based-degreasers as it requires only water for mixing and has no safety issues from solvents flashing off. The safety of this product results in easier usage in confined areas and no health risks that are caused by using petroleum-based cleaners.

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