UltraSol™ is a series of condensate based solvent blends utilizing short chain aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, wetting surfactants, dispersants, penetrants and crystal modifiers. Similar to the StaSolv™ product line, CFR Chemicals has developed three primary blends of UltraSol™ : UltraSol™ 50, UltraSol™ 100 & UltraSol™ 200/101. This cost-conscious product line can be tailored for individual wax problems. UltraSol™ 50 is a low-cost workover blend of enhanced condensate for corrosion batching and pigging pills. UltraSol™ 100 is an economical product with 10% aromatics, a wetting surfactant and a crystal modifier typically used in workovers and wellbore cleanups. UltraSol™ 200/101 are the workhorses of this product series with 20% aromatics for maintenance batching and production enhancement.

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