StaTherm™ is a chemically engineered Industrial Heat Transfer Fluid using an exclusive inhibitor package blend for corrosion protection in an Ethylene glycol base.

Ethylene glycol is an excellent choice for heat transfer fluid; giving the consumer superior heat transfer capabilities and low viscosity during low temperature applications.

StaTherm™ is well suited for use in Lineheaters, Aux Heating and Cooling systems, Boiler Heat Medium, HVAC Systems, wellhead & pipeline heaters, liquid cooled industrial engines & LNG vaporizers. High-quality heat transfer fluids such as StaTherm™ can be mixed interchangeably without inhibitor compatibility concerns or reduction in performance with competitive products such as Dowtherm™, Ucartherm™ & Quadtherm™.

Temperature Range: -45°C to 120°C
Color: Water-White (Clear)

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