StaFrost™ is CFR Chemicals’ chemically engineered Industrial heat transfer fluid; specifically formulated for a variety of heating and cooling applications. An exclusive inhibitor package blend is utilized in a Propylene glycol base.

The lower toxicity levels of Propylene Glycol make it a suitable fluid where potential contact is likely with water sources, animal life or environmentally sensitive areas. StaFrost™ is suitable for use in line heaters, aux heating, ventilating, air conditioning, refrigeration, thermal storage, water chiller systems, ice rinks, process heating and cooling, waste heat recovery, solar and radiant heating systems, ground loop heating system, HVAC Systems, Etc. StaFrost™ is interchangeable with products such as Dowfrost HD™, Norkool LTC™ & Jeffcool P-150™.

Temperature Range: -45°C to 120°C
Color: Water-White (Clear)

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