StaCool™ is a fully formulated Ethylene glycol-based coolant, specifically for use in Gas Compression Engines. StaCool™ uses an industry-approved inhibitor package that utilizes a nitrite-based inhibitor instead of conventional silicate-based inhibitors. This added inhibition offers protection against cavitation and pitting corrosion of ferrous metals as well as reducing cavitation of the cylinder liner sleeves in large volume glycol systems.

StaCool™ exceeds Standard Specification for Fully-Formulated Glycol Base Engine Coolant for Heavy-Duty Engines and other industrial Heat Transfer Applications (ASTM D 6210-06 and ASTM D 4985-05). StaCool™ can be mixed interchangeably without inhibitor compatibility concerns or reduction in product performance with products such as Norkool SLH™, Thermguard and Jeffcool™.

Temperature Range: -50°C to 120°C
Color: Blue

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