Methanol Inhibitor

CFR Chemicals M-HIB is a proprietary formulation that provides excellent corrosion control in gas production systems using high volumes of methanol.

M-HIB is a preventative treatment to film production equipment in the presence of methanol and will inhibit corrosion caused by oilfield brines, organic acids and carbon dioxide. M-HIB also contains an oxygen scavenger.

M-HIB is tolerant to changes in shear force in pipeline applications.

Typical dosages are based upon corrosion data from rotating cylinder electrode (RCE) experiments, where an effective concentration of 500ppm (final treatment in water phase) M-HIB in a synthetic brine decreased corrosion rates from 60mpy to 5mpy; dosing of 1 to 2% into injection methanol is common to achieve the final treatment dose required.

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