Hydrate Inhibitor

Traditional hydrate inhibition is achieved with the use of methanol, ethylene glycol or other hydrocarbon solvents. With the use of low-dose hydrate inhibitors, efficiency and lower costs can be achieve in hydrate inhibition.

CFR Ice Stop is a combination product using an anti-agglomerate product and an ice lattice inhibition technology in the traditional thermodynamic (methanol) system. This combination product offers the following advantages:

– Ensures that hydrates will not form
– Reduces the amount of methanol required
– Reduces methanol trucking costs

CFR Chemicals Ice Stop is available as a pre-blended product in methanol, or as a concentrate.

Ice Stop is recommended for application in single gas wells and gas flow lines when freezing occurs. CFR Chemicals Ice Stop utilizes the same injection system that is used for just methanol injection.

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