Aromatic Naphtha (C-Sol)

 CFR Chemicals markets a specialty aromatic naptha called C-Sol. C-Sol is considered to be an Aromatic 115 and exhibits properties in-between an Aromatic 100 and Aromatic 150 solvent. It has also been referred to as wash oil in certain industries.

Aromatic naphtha is an industrial chemical made from petroleum and natural gas and commonly used as a carrier solvent. Highly volatile and flammable, some petroleum refineries produce specialty aromatics and aliphatic naphthas for use as solvents, cleaning fluids and dry-cleaning agents, paint and varnish diluents, asphalt diluents, rubber industry solvents, recycling products, and cigarette lighters, portable-camping-stove and lantern fuels. Those specialty naphthas are subjected to various purification processes which adjusts chemical characteristics to suit specific needs.

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