Specialty & Oil Production Chemicals

Specialty chemicals used in Natural Gas and Oil Production, Industrial Cleaning, and Odour Control.

Our industrial cleaner / degreaser concentrates, are designed specifically to quickly penetrate real world dirt, from oils, grease, pigments, dirt and other everyday soils to asphaltene, sludge and heavy oil.

StaClean CDG-102

An all-purpose water based industrial cleaner/degreaser. Concentrated formula to be diluted with water.

StaClean CDG-202

Degreaser concentrate – a blend of surfactants with aromatic solvents. This product is capable of removing heavy grease and solids.

StaClean CDG-212

For tank cleanings and deposit removal. This heavy duty cleaner is recommended for jobs with high asphaltene content, sludges, and heavy oil.

This organic compound has a high boiling point and low volatility.  It is miscible in most organic solvents, and nearly insoluble in water.

StaSolv 100

A stimulation solvent that removes hydrocarbon deposits on down-hole and surface production equipment.

StaSolv SI 114

A stimulation solvent that removes hydrocarbon deposits on down-hole and surface production equipment. Contains wax dispersants, and oil-soluble scale inhibitors.

StaSolv 214

This formula removes paraffin deposits and includes a powerful degreaser.

We have several formulations available for treatment of gas, liquid, or multi-phase sour systems. Triazene-free, formaldehyde-free, patented, non-regulated formula.

StaSweet 6000

An environmentally friend H2S scavenger & truck scrubber. This formulation is formaldehyde-free, triazene-free, patented, non-regulated, and cost-effectively disposable.

StaSweet CI 1000

Removal of H2S from liquid water based systems. This formulation has a color indicator that shows when the product is spent.

StaZero formulas are designed to reduce H2S and LEL in various situations from scrubbers to pipelines.

StaZero 200 H2S-LEL Reducer

This product is for the treatment of H2S, methyl mercaptans, ethyl mercaptans, for use on a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants in industrial cleaning, oilfield water, and other industrial water applications. This is the original CFR formulation.

StaSafeTM LEL Eliminator is a proprietary formulation that provides excellent reduction or elimination of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) vapor and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

CCS-103 prevents hydration of formation clays during drilling, and is a KCl substitute.

CPF 103 is a preventative treatment that inhibits corrosion caused by oilfield brines, organic acids, oxygen, and CO2.

Corrosion control for systems using methanol. This product inhibits corrosion caused by oilfield brines, organic acids and carbon dioxide.

Unblocks frozen gas transmission lines caused by natural gas hydrates.