Gas Processing & Industrial Chemicals

Commodity chemicals and products used for Natural Gas Processing or Industrial manufacturing.

This organic compound has a high boiling point and low volatility.  It is miscible in most organic solvents, and nearly insoluble in water.

We offer amines MEA and MDEA as generic solvents for various applications. Please contact us if you are looking for specialty amines for gas sweetening applications.

Low-density hydrocarbon liquid mixtures that can be used in a variety of oilfield applications.

Premium high-flash petroleum solvent, primarily used as a blending agent in specialty oilfield chemicals.

De-ionized water treated by reverse osmosis, sutiable for blending or neat usage.

An environmentally Friendly Hydro Testing Fluid. CFR Enviro-Fluid 50 is a proprietary formulation that provides exceptional freeze protection for large or small hydro tests.

CFR Enviro-Fluid 50 is best used in situations where environmental contamination is of concern, in ecologically sensitive areas, near lakes, rivers, or streams, or for above-grade testing.

Our line of glycol-based heat transfer fluids is available in SRE (Ethylene Glycol), SRP (Propylene Glycol) and Triethylene glycol formulations.  Glycol solutions are blended to meet the exact requirements of each customers needs – custom formulations are available upon request.

CFR supplies a number of petroleum solvents.  See below for more information, or contact your sales rep to find a product not listed below.

Isopropyl alcohol is miscible in water, alcohol, ether and chloroform.

Synonyms:  IPA, 2-propanol, isopropanol, rubbing alcohol.

Methanol is available pure, blended with water, and inhibited.

As a world commodity, approximately 40% of methanol produced worldwide is used as an intermediate to producte formaldehyde.  Less than 1% of world methanol production is used by the oil & gas industry.  The oil & gas industry uses methanol as a hydrate inhibitor, and for freeze point depression of specialty chemicals.  Pure methanol has an extremely low freeze point , and a low flash point, 11-12 degrees C.

Synonyms:  MeOH, methyl alcohol, wood alcohol, wood naphtha or wood spirits.

MEK is an organic compound with the formula CH3C(O)CH2CH3.

Synonyms:  Butanone, MEK.

Details coming soon.

Details coming soon.